How to Take Your Makeup All Day

admin Sat, 02/25/2017 - 01:16

If you cannot re-do your base, tackle your skin one of these ways.

If your skin is looking tired and dehydrated, start by spritzing a hydrating face mist like a rose water. Let it sink into your skin and then proceed with touching-up your concealer.

If your skin is looking very oily, use a blotting sheet to remove all the excess oil before touching up the base.

Touch up your base.

Focus on the areas where redness, pigmentation or blemishes have started to peek through, apply some concealer (one that matches your skin tone) or some foundation powder to add a little coverage. Keep a light hand to prevent it from looking "cakey."

After a long day at work or a busy afternoon running errands, your makeup can look a bit too "lived in" and in need of some touch ups. If you made plans for the evening and you don't have time to take it all off and put it all back on, there are a few things that you can do to freshen up your daytime makeup look and build it up to be a more intense nighttime look.

Refresh your skin.

If your skin is looking patchy and you have time to redo your base, you can use gentle, alcohol-free makeup wipes to removes all makeup from the skin and start over. A clean canvas is ideal.

If your base is still looking good, you may skip this step and move onto eye makeup.

Add a very small amount of concealer under your eyes by dabbing it gently in a thin layer, to brighten your under-eye area. Make sure to apply some in the corner of your eye where it tends to get the darkest for most people.

If you have any residue of smudged eye makeup that has accumulated under the eyes or the inner corner of your eyes, use a cotton bud to gently remove it prior to concealer application.

Apply bronzer on the sides of your face to warm up your complexion, and then add highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, inner corner of your eyes and cupid's bow, to give you tired skin luminosity.

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Intensify your eye makeup with a smokey look.

With a dark eye pencil, intensify you eye makeup by massaging it into the roots of your lashes, and then creating a line along the upper lid.Pat a medium-dark eyeshadow (preferably matte or with a satin finish) all over the mobile upper lid up to the crease. You can use any color that you like and suits you, like a brown, taupe, burgundy or plum.Use the same color along your lower lash line, keeping it as close to your lash roots as possible.Use a very dark eyeshadow (dark brown or black) to intensify the color on the outer corner of the lid.

Blend the edges for a smooth, diffused eye look, and curl your lashes to give them a lift. If they aren't stiff from your daytime mascara application, apply an additional coat.

Touch-up your lipstick.

If your lips have gotten dry or your lipstick has seeped into your lip lines, use a lip balm to condition them before touching up the lip color.

Add a lip gloss for a extra shine.