Alicia Keys Is looking fresh-faced and stunning on the Tonight Show

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Alicia Keys stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her new album, Here, looking fresh-faced and stunning on Friday. The Voice judge was positively glowing with her usual makeup-free look and curly hair. She complemented her natural beauty with a tough but feminine belted camo dress and heeled combat boots.

Some Tips to Get the Most Use of Your Sephora Shopping Trip

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A Wonkaland of beauty, Sephora's got a different delight—iPad stations! Makeover booths!—waiting in every aisle. Knowing which perks will best suit your needs. So, we talked to Sephora employees for the inside scoop on how to make the use of the shopping trip no matter what mission .

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Completely Redefines "Business Casual" with This Outfit

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took the term "business casual," gave it a twist, and then stepped out like a boss for a CFDA event at Los Angeles's Chateau Marmont on Wednesday.

For the occasion, where the organization's Fashion Fund finalists presented looks on a runway, the 29-year-old beauty donned a pair of wide-leg, pinstripe trousers that featured a high waist, a broad belt, and suit jacket–like layers. She paired the pants with a white button-up, worn partially unbuttoned and off her right shoulder.

If You Want To Buy One Logo Shirt This Season,here it is

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Just when we think we're finally ready to fixate on another decade (we're ready to take any new one at this point), the release of something so cool in its homage to the '90s has us once again spiraling down a rabbit hole of nostalgia. Today, that something is the launch of Gucci's vintage-y logo tees from the brand's cruise 2017 collection, available now at

The 39 Shoes of Spring 2017 Fashion Month That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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When the clothes are the main attraction, it's hard to give shoes the attention they deserve—something that's made especially difficult by the speed in which models zoom by on the runway. You barely have time to register what you're seeing, when poof, just like that, they're gone. It's really only after Fashion Month wraps that we have the time to scrupulously study every single shoe, drink in all the glorious details (the YSL stiletto!

Volumizing Shampoos That Will Actually Help You Get the Body of Your Dreams

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Sometimes getting that body doesn't involve a session with a super sonic hair dryer. Yep, sometimes getting that body only involves a really good volumizing shampoo. Seriously, one of the best ways to give your hair some bounce is to use a great volumizing shampoo to prime it for styling. Read on to find out some of my current favorites. 

A Curling Iron That Won't Burn Up When You Travel Abroad

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There are certain universal truths in life, and the fact that your styling tools willalways melt when plugged into your converter is probably up there in the top 5 greatests hits. Every time I travel to a country with a current different than the standard 120 V here in the U.S., I can always expect both flat irons and curling wands alike to burn up within minutes of being plugged in, even if they claim to be dual-voltage—I had a pretty traumatic moment last year when one left my ends completely singed on the first day of my Ireland trip.