3 DIY Activated Charcoal Facial Masks To Prevent Skin From Getting Oil

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Activated charcoal — not to be confused with plain charcoal — has become a common ingredient in skin care products, due to its deep-cleansing properties. It can be found in facial soaps, masks, liquid cleansers, and even in makeup primers with the purpose of preventing your skin from getting oily. Activated charcoal, which is a form of processed carbon, has an adsorptive quality that allows it to bind to dirt, oil and environmental pollutants, lifting them from the skin.

How to Get a super sculpted booty Like Jessica Alba’s

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Jessica Alba is known for her flawless physique, and that definitely includes a super sculpted booty. Thanks to a committed fitness routine and the guidance of celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, Alba maintains a sculpted derrière that turns heads. But you don’t need fancy gym equipment or expensive studio classes to lift and firm your butt—all you need is a chair or a couch (yes, you can use your own couch to torch calories IRL, who knew).

Emily Ratajkowski Is Walking Her Dog in A Black Lacy Bra And Briefs Set

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"Good morning New York," Emily Ratajkowski says, smiling to the camera while walking her dog in a black lacy bra and briefs set.

DKNY released its newest campaign video on Monday, featuring EmRata in nothing but her knickers, her adorable pup, and the delivery guy, repairman, neighbor, and taxi driver who all stop for a double take at the half-naked girl casually strolling along with her dog on a leash.

Mike Fisher’s Sweet Birthday Wish for His Wife Carrie Underwood,Which Will Make You Melt

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As Carrie Underwood celebrated her 34th birthday Friday, her husband, Mike Fisher, made sure to send her a sweet shout-out, emphasizing how much she means to him and their 2-year-old son Isaiah.
"Happy birthday @carrieunderwood !! Izzy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives! You're the best!," the NHL star tweeted. Although he didn't hint at how he planned to help the "Dirty Laundry" songstress ring in her big 3-4, Underwood couldn't help but share two more birthday highlights that made her day.

The Daily Skin Care Routine

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Thalia Ho is the incredibly talented baker behind the beautiful blog butter and brioche. Last year, she won not one, but two (!) Saveur 2016 blog awards — and you can even find some of her delicious recipes right here on eHow. Today, Thalia talks about the hand cream she can't live without, the surprising beauty must-have she always takes with her when she travels, and the inspiration behind her creative recipes.

What's your daily skin care routine?

11 Celebrities Who Took A Style Cue From Belle on the Red Carpet

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Beauty and the Beast's appeal is spilling over from the screen to the fashion world, and the proof is on the red carpet. Belle's off-the-shoulder, tiered ball gown is surprisingly on-trend, with everyone from Hollywood sweetheart Alicia Vikander to music superstar Rihanna channeling the Disney princess.

A Few Easy Beauty Tutorials for Valentine's Day Occasion

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With the most romantic day of the year right around the corner, you're probably starting to consider details like where to make dinner plans, what gift to give your S.O. and which outfit to wear. Wherever your night takes you on February 14, consider these simple DIY beauty tutorials to pump up and polish off your Valentine's Day look.

For a Date Night Out

All the Celebrity Looks from the 2017 Academy Awards On The Red Carpet

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We’ve been patiently waiting all awards season long for the 89th annual Academy Awards, and Hollywood’s biggest night is finally upon us.

The industry’s finest are congregating this evening in L.A.’s Dolby Theatre for what we can already tell will be one of the year’s most glamorous nights. From Ruth Negga's fiery arrival in a high-collared, long-sleeve Valentino gown, to fellow Best Actress nominee Isabelle Huppert epitomizing high-shine elegance, stars are delivering major fashion on the red carpet—and we’re here for it.

How to Take Your Makeup All Day

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If you cannot re-do your base, tackle your skin one of these ways.

If your skin is looking tired and dehydrated, start by spritzing a hydrating face mist like a rose water. Let it sink into your skin and then proceed with touching-up your concealer.

If your skin is looking very oily, use a blotting sheet to remove all the excess oil before touching up the base.

Touch up your base.

When You Want Clear Skin,You Have 7 Foods to Eat

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To be honest: acne is annoying, whether you're dealing with daily breakouts or a few clogged pores every few weeks. And while there are lots of factors that might be contributing to your acne — your skincare routine, irritating fragrance in your soaps or laundry detergent, and hormone fluctuations, to name a few — your diet can play a role too.