Classic Patek Philippe World Time watch 5230

Patek Philippe World Time watch collectors has been called "Heure Universelles (world time)," it is one of the most popular Patek Philippe complicated watches, has been nearly 80 years of history. Recently, the names of some time zone has changed, or replaced by a new name, the Basel International Watch Fair is undoubtedly Patek Philippe showing the new World Time watch Ref. Ideal platform for 5230, the table replace the world's previous schedule section. This change also redesigned Patek Philippe exquisite case, dial and pointer provides an excellent opportunity.

To the Earth is divided into 24 time zones, each spanning 15 time zones longitude, it seems easy, but the political process behind it is quite complex. Some names of the two time zones simultaneously in different cities named, for example, Dubai (Dubai) and Riyadh (Riyadh) time zone, or Brisbane (Brisbane) and Noumea (Noumea) time zone. Previously, Moscow region located UTC + 4, but now "return" UTC + 3 region, with Western European Time becomes nearly 1 hour. This change must lead us to modify the name of the city World Time watch dial ring on the city from time to time. Accordingly, Patek Philippe decided to stop production before the introduction of the long-world time watch, pending new building Ref. 5230 released to market.