Gucci Fall Winter 2016 Bag Runway Bag Trend

When I looking for new Gucci, I find 2016 new style is more attract me. Classic design, unique style, personal emotion color are collect together. You must be like it very much.

I read the fashion news the other day and the title says: ‘Gucci Is Trendy Again’. We have noticed Gucci’s comeback as well – they have released many bags recently, each of them are really good. And because of that, we’re going to feature the Gucci Fall 2016 Runway Bag Collection here…

If you are not scared to carry pink, then ‘WOW’, it fits perfectly if you have a pink outfit in your wardrobe. This bag kind-of new, it features a new quilted print and two GG on the front. When you carry this bag, do not forget to carry pearls – they match like twins. Oh yes, the name of the bag is Gucci GG Marmont Bag.

Oh, you like it, right?