If You Want To Buy One Logo Shirt This Season,here it is

Just when we think we're finally ready to fixate on another decade (we're ready to take any new one at this point), the release of something so cool in its homage to the '90s has us once again spiraling down a rabbit hole of nostalgia. Today, that something is the launch of Gucci's vintage-y logo tees from the brand's cruise 2017 collection, available now at gucci.com. It hits all the sentimental notes, laced with Alessandro Michele's signature slightly ironic, arty-eccentric, intellectual-chic P.O.V., done in a way that it has the power to send the most collected editor into a crazed, "OMG, I have to have it" frenzy.

What we're saying is: Logo-mania is trending up right now (we've written about it here and here), and if you're only going to buy one—just one—branded piece of merch, this would be it. No, you probably wouldn't wear a Gucci-stamped hoodie with a ruffled Victorian high-neck top, grandma flowers, and a tasseled baseball cap (or maybe you would, then all the power to you) or with bleached boyfriend jeans and a loud striped fur coat. But you could easily style it with a pair of track pants, like this one street-style star here. How chic does she look? How many Insta likes do you think she earned? That could be you.

Or maybe Jared Leto's bad boy approach to fashion is more your speed, because he styled his with a studded bleach-stained denim jacket, relaxed faded black jeans, and checked Vans. You're kind of into it, we know.

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Painfully impractical in cost, maybe, but they're so good that that's reason enough to fork over everything we have: cash, our first born, whatever. Go loco for Gucci logos with these tees (starting at $420), which you can buy at gucci.com.