Looking Forward to Your First Look at the Bags from Chanel Cruise 2016/17 Cuba

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Trends like changing times, quarter after quarter Chanel fashion allows us to see infinite potential. Chanel 2016 autumn and winter fashion show, dressed in a red suit opening gold with spectators back COCO CHANEL era, the classic tweed suit, a classic decorative trim, laminated wearing pearl necklace, as if each one is COCO CHANEL Miss clothes.




Beautiful Colorful Chanel Airline Canvas Pouches For Women

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Latest Chanel bags came back, and this time, they're channeling airline inspired ensemble, also looks promising in the fashion industry. There are three bags, you can choose: the printed canvas white, blue and black canvas print white, navy and red and white canvas prints, blue, red and black.

Shopping Bag Guide to Chanel Quilted Belt Bag Online

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People often say "Scent of a Woman", in fact, carry bag also is every woman's marker. By the package and say, if a bag is elegant, the atmosphere, then its owner also must be dignified, tasteful manner. Chanel as a representative of the luxury sector, its iconic Quilted Baoying had many high ladies of all ages. Quilted seemingly simple, actually has a kind of magic?

Never Miss Fashion Chanel Fall Winter 2016 Runway Bag

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Chanel always can give you different surprise. So this time what's you thinking of ?

We know what you think: ‘Chanel just released the Spring Summer 2016 Collection Act 2 and now we’re talking about Chanel Fall Winter 2016 Runway Bag  Collection’.

Oh well, more Chanel Fall Winter 2016 Runway Bag more choices right? Let’s highlight the best…

Beautiful Chanel Vanity Pouch Buy For Your Makeup

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Many girl like to makeup. But so many things that where can put inside? Don't Worry. I find a Chanel pouch you can consider.

Chanel has been making vanity cases for a long time, so should we consider it as a ‘classic’ item, we do think so… You can easily purchases a vintage Vanity Case at a pre-owned store.

Chanel Price Increase 2016

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Everything must be improve price, include Chanel. Have you think buy one in early time?

As you might know, the year 2016 is not going to be soft and easy. And like every year, Chanel will be increasing the prices again.

So how many price increase? Well, we do not know, but they can increase twice a year.

I will catch it as soon as possible.