A new collection of Kylie Lip Kits Diamond Necklace Is All About Boyfriend Tyga

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First a diamond ring and now a diamond necklace.

On Tuesday Jenner posted an up-close shot of her new bling on Instagram, sans caption.In his latest gesture of love to his girlfriend of two years, Tyga gave Kylie Jenner a dazzling necklace with a personalized twist.

The piece of jewelry features a thin silver chain and small sparkling letters that read "TRAWW," which, according to People, is a diamond-encrusted reference to the rapper's nickname "T Raww." Tyga posted the same photo (below) to Instagram, though with the caption, "feel me."

Gorgeous collection of women's jewelry trend in 2015

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Diamonds are forever,but jewelry makes us all happy.

First of all, they are quite eye-catching, as we see big and bold designs that can make any outfit look trendy, rich and voguish. Second, each design is ideal for completing your day or night outfit.

We see gorgeous images, where hot ladies appear wearing lovely cuffs made of gold, silver or other precious metals.


Let Us Explore Color and Jewelry Fashion within the PROGRESSIVE Trend

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In uncertain times, a sense of team spirit and the need to pull together is especially important. Little encapsulates this imperative more effectively than sport, so it is unsurprising that sportswear in creative combinations of synthetic materials and crystals should continue its ascent unabated as a symbol of social cohesion.

Rolex watch double review Lady Datejust 31mm and Datejust II

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Today we’re likely to be carrying out a double review for WatchPaper - the woman Datejust II and also the men’s 41mm Datejust II. For that DJ2, we’ll be looking at the black dial, stick dial, smooth bezel model. The Woman Datejust 31mm is my wife’s watch, consider I wind it and hang time etc., I felt I ought to have the ability to evaluate it. It's the 31mm having a gray floral dial. Each of our Rolex watch possess the beautiful oyster bracelets.

Panerai Launches Luminor Base Logo design Acciaio PAM 00634 Exclusive Edition For That 15th Anniversary

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It's among the best known, most dynamic, sometimes unmanageable but always passionate places for watch fanatics:, as well as for fifteen years it has been not just a spot to come discuss watches, contributing to the most popular love its people have for Panerai, but additionally a location where one can feel a genuine communal feeling as well as family. was began by Guy Verbist in 2000, despite the fact that it features a lengthy and shut relationship with Panerai it certainly is continued to be completely independent - and it is that independence and also the dynamism it engenders that's endeared to both its people and also to Panerai itself.

My IWC Da Vinci Ceramic Chronograph Watch

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It’s been a couple of years because the new IWC Da Vinci watches arrived on the scene, and also the lines are showing plenty of promise. Searching as an alternative contour around its legendary Ingenieur watch, the Da Vinci is within a tonneau-style situation and sized for that modern guy at 44mm wide. Men intrigued by non-round watches will discover the IWC Da Vinci to become a respectable fit.

Hublot Large Bang Depeche Mode Steel Watch Hands-On

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Hublot Large Bang Depeche Mode sport watches first showed this year with 12 unique Large Bang Depeche Mode watches that offered for charitable organization, each including the skill of another Depeche Mode album cover. The purchase was meant to benefit a charitable organization - out of the box common in situations similar to this. At that time, no consumer models were available.

Why we are a genuine sucker for U-Boat's silver-clad watch, the Chimera 43

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Silver is definitely an incredibly helpful metal, with programs in from mirrors and flutes towards the rods in nuclear reactors. Ron Stein even found it an important component of the Indian dish known as nimish - although as decoration. But until lately the only real placed you would think it is in the watchmaking industry could be within the batteries of the quarta movement watch.

Roger Dubuis Pulsion Watches Hands-On

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"Where shall we be held? Inch I wondered when I examined Roger Dubuis' SIHH 2012 booth. It seems like I'm searching in a scene in the Borg mother ship. During the last couple of years the Swiss brand has transformed its identity a couple of occasions, reinvented its watches, distanced itself in the guy Roger Dubuis, re-hired the guy Roger Dubuis, and overall had probably the most intriguing and tumultuous modern histories on most any high-finish watch brand available.