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Audemars Piguet Hosts Grand Slam Pre-US Open Tennis Championship Event in New York City with Serena Williams, Stan Wawrinka

Submitted by admin on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 02:46

A week ago, I'd the grand experience with joining Audemars Piguet around the Highline from the Standard hotel in New You are able to, in which the brand located and assorted doubles virtual tennis tournament and party with tennis champions and Audemars Piguet brand ambassadors Serena Williams and Stan Wawrinka.

Affordable Watches Introducing Bold New Normlzeit Vienna Cube Clock Wristwatches

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There is a bold new affordable wristwatch player on the block: Normalzeit Vienna Cube Clock Wristwatches.   The new wristwatch is a bold reinterpretation of the Cube Clock, a Vienna landmark icon since 1907. The clock became an institution in the city – with newer versions installed regularly. Unfortunately, in 2007, the city of Vienna replaced all of the Cube Clocks with new ones. At that time, international Vienna art trading company, Lichterloh, purchased the clocks and design rights. They later interpreted the design into urban chic furniture. Next, they partnered with Vienna-born, New-York based graphic designer Fredi Brodmann for the creation of the wristwatch.

Rolex watch double review Lady Datejust 31mm and Datejust II

Submitted by admin on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 03:59

Today we’re likely to be carrying out a double review for WatchPaper - the woman Datejust II and also the men’s 41mm Datejust II. For that DJ2, we’ll be looking at the black dial, stick dial, smooth bezel model. The Woman Datejust 31mm is my wife’s watch, consider I wind it and hang time etc., I felt I ought to have the ability to evaluate it. It's the 31mm having a gray floral dial. Each of our Rolex watch possess the beautiful oyster bracelets.

Emporio Armani exchange watches Meccanico

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Fashionable Armani Watches: Armani Fashionable luxury watches are individuals that are made based on the wish of present day youth. The effective women nowadays desire to operate in a crowd feeling really putting on a factor that others cannot easily put on. These fashionable watches are types of items. This is actually the recognized incontrovertible proven fact that these Armani watches are true pioneers of favor and magnificence.

Panerai and Ferrari Part Ways; Watch Values Plummet, Opportunity Knocks

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The end of the fabled Panerai / Ferrari watch partnership was announced last week by watch industry omniscient Gregory Pons (Business Montres).  While the reasons for the possibility that this partnership was doomed from day 1 are perhaps obvious and fully appreciated by some, I think that there is yet one unanswered question.  That is, what will happen to the future value of these watches now that their status is officially “post-production”?  Will their value increase or decrease?  Will they one day – perhaps one year from now, perhaps ten – ultimately become items of great value?  Or dus